Sunday, October 04, 2009

Texas Familes Go Hungry But Texas May Lose Food Stamp Program Due To Inadequate Staffing

Texas has the highest rate of hungry children in the U.S., but one third of Texas families who apply for food stamps do not receive their benefits on time. Errors in processing are seen in 1 out of 6 applications, according to Texans CARE For Children. The Health and Human Services Commission simply cannot keep up with the state's need for food stamps during this economic downturn. The Health and Human Services Commission has requested 650 more staff members across the state to meet the need for services by our state's impoverished families but the Legislative Budget Board says no. Even though the feds say that Texas may lose its food stamp program if the delays and errors in the application process are not corrected.

Please contact Governor Perry's office at (512) 463-2000 and ask him to approve the staffing request and to have the Health and Human Services Commission change the eligibility period from six months to a year, to decrease the paperwork in this time of extreme need.

The hungry children of Texas need us to speak for them.


Noemi said...

I had not heard of this! I knew the problems with the system as it tried to turn into call centers, and generally the help and customer service, plus the people in person are awful to deal with. Can I reprint this at my blog?

Lone Star Ma said...

Of course. Thanks for posting!