Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lone Star Baby Day

I sort of avoided the Lone Star Baby as much as I could this past week, because I was sick with what seemed to be a miserable cold (no fever), but ... you never know these days, right?  One worries.  So much of her care was given over to Lone Star Pa as I kept my distance.  I missed her.

I felt significantly better by Thursday and was ready to consider myself well on Friday, so we had our lovely Daisy Girl Scout meeting.  Then, today was very much a Lone Star Baby day.   She had the first part of the Athena test (the Naglieri part) this morning at 8am so we were up and out early.  That went well and we came home and got ready for soccer.  We had team pictures at 11 today and a game at 12.  The Lone Star Girl and I went out for lunch after soccer while she went home with LSP for a bit but then the Lone Star Baby and I went to see Where The Wild Things Are ( the LSG had a movie of her own to see with friends who came over afterward).  After the movie, we came home and made pomanders and painted little pumpkins.  Then she ate dinner and we tried to play some Sleeping Queens but she was in a rather too silly mood for much of that.  Then it was bedtime and Charlotte's Web.  

Doesn't exactly make up for a week, but it was nice.  I still owe her a raspa tomorrow, too, either before or after First Day School.


Saints and Spinners said...

How was WTWTA for the LSB? I've got to be really careful what I show Lucia because of her "sticky brain" but I would like her to experience a movie in the theatre while she's still young enough to appreciate the wonder of it all.

Lone Star Ma said...

She liked it - it was her third movie in a theater after Horton Hears A Who and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. With all the swirling rumors and her intensity and sensitivity, I was a little worried, but it wasn't scary (for kids), except that there were large monsters who roared, and even they weren't too scary. She wasn't scared at all and she was a bit scared in Cloudy. The movie was really very navel-gazing, though, in a way that really did make it more a movie for adults but that went right over her head mostly. It was more the sort of thing that might be boring for kids than scary, but she claims she liked it.

Andrea said...

Sounds like a great day! E & Z thought the previews for the Wild Things looked scary, so I wasn't going to take them, but maybe now we'll try it.