Monday, October 12, 2009


The Lone Star Baby's school had a half-day on Friday, so Lone Star Pa took the day off so he could pick her up at 11:30, and he spent the morning while she was at school at the health department, registering her to get one of the first 500 doses of H1N1 vaccine that are expected to be available there soon for kids aged 2-5 who are not in the public schools.  We have all had our regular flu shots already.  Lone Star Pa showed up an hour early and there were already quite a few people there, he said.  He got her registered, though, and they are supposed to call us to tell us when to come in.  Schoolchildren and staff are supposed to be vaccinated in the schools, but we don't know when.  I hope it's soon.  So many people are sick already.  I have a "cold" that I hope (as I pack everyone's lunches) is just a cold - no fever, so that's promising.  Actually, I still suspect that the LSG and I may have had the swine flu last spring when we had that terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-month-long illness, and we didn't have fever then either.  Who knows? 

I also hope that the schools will have a non-live injection version of the vaccine as well as the mist kind.  It is my understanding that the attenuated mist is not good for people with asthma like the Lone Star Girl, although it is more effective.

Someone apparently recognized Lone Star Pa on Friday from his days as a production guy in local news, because the news channel he used to work for back in the day called him and they are in our yard interviewing him about the vaccine now.  Interesting. 


Saints and Spinners said...

We just had our "regular" flu treatments last week. It was our first time with the mist. That's a good point about the mist not being good for people with asthma. I hope that you persevere and get better soon.

Lone Star Ma said...

Today I saw someone wearing a surgical mask at HEB - scary.