Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mayor Doesn't Want To Hear From Doctors

Someone I know stopped to talk to the Mayor after Mass today and asked him if the Council was going to listen to a presentation from local physicians on the health risks that Las Brisas would bring. He said no - they were just going to go with the process and see what happened at the contested TCEQ hearing. Since TCEQ has never (ever) not permitted any plant in Texas, regardless of how egregrious their violations, and since the mayor knows that, this basically means that the mayor also does not care what health problems Las Brisas will cause - he's not going to raise a hand against it, or even listen to balanced information.

Such leadership.

I would like to point out something to all these Council members with children and grandchildren - Council members who clearly have been very lucky thus far because they would never consider this if their own children had respiratory ailments:

You know my child with the asthma and the serious allergies who I am so worried about but who you do not care what happens to when Las Brisas comes? She did not have asthma and her allergies were no worse than the stuff that most everyone down here has when she was little. She was a very healthy little girl. There was no sign when she was small that when adolescence hit, she would develop these conditions. It just came out of the blue one day, hand in hand with puberty. It was a big shock and it has been a very difficult adjustment. And it could happen to your little children and grandchildren who live here and in surrounding areas, too. It could happen to anyone. They could wake up one morning with these or worse respiratory conditions and you would be responsible for allowing Las Brisas to be here and it would make them very sick. Your babies. You think about it. Do.


Andrea said...

Keep up the fight!

gojirama said...

This makes my blood boil...