Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Activity Grrrl & Activity Baby

Friday was our first Cadette Girl Scout meeting of the year and we had a wonderful minister and a wonderful firefighter come speak to the girls about their careers and what it was like to be women in careers that are rather male-dominated. My very deep fears about our tiny, ridiculously cluttered and often dirty house as the new meeting space are largely allayed. We have had to cancel three too-hastily scheduled sewing lessons because the Lone Star Girl was ill-ish twice and had tests coming at school and needed to study the other time. The Lone Star Girl found out that the theme of National History Day this year is Innovations and she wants to do her project on birth control. Don't think that's going to fly. She and Lone Star Pa volunteered at the Clean Economy Coalition fundraiser on Sunday night.

I had a Daisy Girl Scout troop parent planning meeting on Saturday morning and our first meeting is on 10-2. PJ Story time started up again last night and the Lone Star Baby and I had fun. This evening was her first soccer practice. Lone Star Pa is coaching again and it looks like everyone is going to have fun. I love being at the field in the evening as a remedy for the cooped-upness of my busy schooldays. Their team chose "Volcanoes" for a name since their uniforms are red and white this season. Very cute! I am sad that I will miss their first game on Saturday morning but I have to go to a training all day to be be the Daisy leader. We have reached the season of needing to be several places at once and I am not very good at being peaceful about when I have to miss things. Still, I am happy about how many fun things are in store with them!


Saints and Spinners said...

Oh my. LSG's project idea on birth control reminds me of a project that had been buried deep in my memory until now. In eighth grade, we had to write a paper on something with social implications. I chose VD. (Why? I don't know! I think I was trying to shock people.) The informative paper was fine, but I had a real challenge when it came to writing a short story about my "social implication." I ended up coming up with a story about a world in which people who get VD literally become invisible.

Hats off to my teacher who supported me and didn't make a big fuss about my project. A big fuss was what I wanted (as a girl who felt invisible much of the time), but she handled it well.

Lone Star Ma said...

Yes, I think I wrote about heroin addiction in 7th grade - my teacher just patiently asked me to choose a word other than "hell" when describing withdrawal symptoms. Last year, NHD was people and she did Abbie Hoffman.

Andrea said...

Whew! I'm exhausted just reading about it.