Saturday, August 01, 2009

Health Fair Against Las Brisas!

Today the Lone Star Family helped at a Clean Economy Coalition booth at the Nueces County Health Fair, handing out information and bumper stickers and t-shirts about the health dangers of Las Brisas. Since the city and county won't even let the doctors come and talk to them about the health problems that Las Brisas will cause in our community, we collected signatures on petitions asking the Corpus Christi City Council and the Nueces County Commissioners' Court to allow the Nueces County Medical Society to present to them on the health risks of allowing Las Brisas in our community without gasification. They have let Las Brisas present - they should hear the doctors as well. A doctor representing the Nueces County Medical Society and one representing the San Patricio County Medical Society (lots of the pollution will blow to San Pat) gave out information for hours at the booth - they rock!

People were extremely supportive. Literally hundreds of people - maybe more - came and signed the petitions AND got t-shirts and fliers and bumper stickers. Only three out of the hundreds of people we talked to were in favor of Las Brisas and one of those made it clear that he was aware of the genuine health problems but not concerned because they wouldn't be blowing in his direction (nice). Hundreds of people told us again and again that they were strongly against the plant and horrified that their representatives were selling out their children's health.

The Lone Star Girl worked really hard - she rocks.

Protest tomorrow night - same bat time time, same bat channel.


Andrea said...

Good work! Hope the city council listens to you.

Kia Ora Shelli said...

They MUST listen to us! This whole thing is so out of hand. Thank you for going and representing our children!