Saturday, August 08, 2009

August Pre-school/Primary Pick: Rare Treasures

Another of the Lone Star Baby's Three Favorite Books Is Rare Treasures: Mary Anning And Her Remarkable Discoveries by Don Brown. We revisited it at Cousin Camp after las primas enjoyed playing in the dinosaur wing of the Science & History Museum. Rare Treasures is a non-fiction picture book about Mary Anning, who lived from 1799 to 1847 and who, as a self-taught little girl of scarcely any means at all, made some of the greatest discoveries of dinosaur fossils ever and knew more about them than almost anyone of her time. She was brave, too. An excellent book for the brave and curious and smart little girls (and boys!) in your life, especially the ones who like dinosaurs!

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gojirama said...

I would have loved that book as a child, Mary Anning was one of my hereos.