Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was the big day.

While I felt that bittersweet baby's-growing-up feeling enough to be tempted to spend weeks reading kindergarten stories at bedtime and buying unnecessary supplies, etc., this was not actually any kind of big transition for the Lone Star Baby (except in our minds) so I restrained myself as best as I could. She is in the same Montessori classroom with the same teacher and mostly the same kids, minus the ones who graduated after their kindergarten year last year. The only thing different about the kindergarten year at her school is that instead of taking a nap after lunch like they did in their younger years, the kindergarteners have a second work cycle while the younger kids nap and they will work on reading in English during some of this time, since all their other work is in Spanish and the phonics are a bit different. Next school year, when she moves on to a totally different school, will be the really big transition.

The Lone Star Baby had a good day at school and happily chattered about all the work she did after I picked her up. We took her out to dinner to the restaurant of her choice and by then all the excitement had gotten to her. She didn't want her food and got the sillies in that way that kids do when they could stand to go to sleep early but are way too wired to do so. She fell off her chair and onto her nose while leaning over trying to lick her father's arm as he snatched it away. The blood and screaming very much marred the evening. I took her outside (because of the screaming) and put ice on her nose and called the pediatrician on call. Her nose is a bit swollen but didn't bleed too much - I don't think it's broken. Doctor said to ice it as long as I could, so I iced it on the way home and through a couple of WordGirl episodes on the couch. Then she had a bath and we read a couple of stories and I scratched her back until she fell asleep.

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Saints and Spinners said...

Wow! LSB started school early. I am a bit wistful, of course, because Lucia doesn't start school until September 14, because early childhood starts school a week later than the graders. Grrf.

The lovely day followed by a bloody nose is classic. I'm glad she's okay.