Saturday, April 25, 2009

Earth Day Or Bust


I dropped the Lone Star Girl and a friend off at the annual Earth Day/Bay Day festival this past weekend, but they called me to pick them up early because they were bored.

I planted some flowers with the Lone Star Baby this past weekend, also, but some dirt got stuck in her eye despite our best efforts to wash it out for awhile leading to some minor worry and drama until it finally washed out.

Lone Star Pa and I didn't get to go to Arbor Day at the Lone Star Baby's school because we had to work (although we did manage to contribute a blackberry bush at the last minute).

On Wednesday night, the Lone Star Girl volunteered at an Earth Day Fair that her science teacher organized with activities for younger children that the students had created. It sounded so cool. Lone Star Pa took the Lone Star Baby while I rested because I am still pretty sick. The Lone Star Baby had fun, but they left early, as did most of the little kids, according to them. Lone Star Pa said that many of the middle schoolers there were behaving so badly that he didn't feel the Lone Star Baby was safe there - what with the yardstick sword fights and flying bottle caps. Sounds like they needed me there. I would have taken care of that. Ah, well.

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Andrea said... that sound fun but turn out lame or dangerous are a bummer! Hope you're feeling better.