Saturday, April 18, 2009


With the help of my mother, the Easter Bunny put exactly what the Lone Star Girl wanted for Easter in her her Easter basket: the chi hair straightener so she can have her desired punk rock hair styles, which cannot be achieved on hair as curly as hers with a regular, reasonably priced straightener. Usually she just likes the long part and the bangs parts in the front straightened by the chi and leaves the back wild and curly for her signature style, but here is a picture with most of it pretty straight:

Makes her a happy punklet.


Saints and Spinners said...


This reminds me of my teen hair struggles. The hair was wavy, so when I wanted it straight (a la my Joan Jett hair phase), it was always curling in ways I didn't want. Then, when I wanted curls and would get up early with the iron, I was always worried my hair wouldn't curl enough.

May the LSG find continuing satisfaction with the chi curler.

Lone Star Ma said...

Thank you - I think she will. It's a straightener, though - she has no need of curlers(:

Schelle said...

I always wanted curls as a child, but my hair was straight. The power of positive thinking must have worked though, because these days it tends to make ringlets of its own accord - wild, wavy, blown by the wind ones - but who has time to look in the mirror and think about hair anymore? lol

I am glad you liked my selkie poem!

gojirama said...

Very cool- it's neat when they start developing their own styles.