Sunday, April 23, 2017

Keep The Lights On For Latchkey

The CCISD Superintendent is saying that the school district cannot afford to keep footing the bill for the electricity and custodial costs of keeping school buildings open for Latchkey, a program in which city employees provide after-school care for elementary students at school.  As someone who has taught in CCISD schools, I doubt that is true.  The custodians left at 11pm when I taught a few years ago and we, the teachers, needed to be out by that time.  No one ever turned the lights out on us.

Schools should have programs happening in the afternoons and evenings - they should be the hubs of their neighborhoods, centers of learning, health and community.  Latchkey is an important support for working families, for children.  Having those supports in place is part of education.  Only safe children can really learn and reach their beautiful, strong potentials.

Email your School Board members, Mamas, and tell them to #KeepTheLightsOnForLatchkey.

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