Monday, April 24, 2017

Action Alert: #ProtectOurCare

The White House is pressuring the GOP leaders in Congress to take another go at depriving Americans of our health care.  The White House has been working with the "Freedom Caucus" to try to come up with a plan that is draconian enough to get their votes.

While plans are still in draft form, the latest proposal is said to allow states to apply for waivers that would price people with pre-existing conditions out of any chance of affording health insurance and set up state risk pools to supposedly help with this.  Risk pools, however, are the very same fake solution that the disabled and chronically ill faced before the ACA - one which led to ever increasing untreated illness and, far too often, to death.

Tell Congress No!  There will be no community rating to allow the sick to be priced out of health insurance.  We will not go back.  Some sources have talked about votes this week so please call your Congressperson today, Mamas - protect people with pre-existing conditions in reality, not just on paper.

Call, call, call....

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