Sunday, September 25, 2016

Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week, usually the last week of September, is from September 25th - October 1st this year.

Celebrate and defend your freedom to read!

The theme of this year's Banned Books Week is Celebrate Diversity. 

Far too often, we define what is "classic" or worthy of being deemed "literature" by what is old and what we have always thought of in those categories, but America's history has been largely written by white males who have chosen to suppress the voices of women, people of color, people of non Judeo-Christian faiths and people who are LGBTQ.  

Young people, and older people, too,  need to see themselves in literature.  An old canon is not good literature if it does not represent us all. 

Find and support new voices!  Read about the beautiful diversity that is all around you!  This Banned Books Week and always, let us fight for everyone's voice to be heard through the literature that touches and teaches us.

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