Monday, May 16, 2016

Still No Safe Water In The Sparkling City By The Sea

Day Four.

Grocery shopping is complicated when you don't have a safe drinking water supply.  One runs out of clean dishes.  One has a hard time sanitizing surfaces.  One feels nauseous from all the hand sanitizer.  One would not live in a major metropolitan area and have a career that prevents one from making vats of bleach water and dunking dishes in it all day if this was the lifestyle one desired.

I am not voting for these people again.  All they care about is expanding the ritzy south side for the realtors and the title companies, it seems.  They say that continuing southern expansion by the nouveau riche the will pay for city services in the interior, but it clearly does not.  

And they don't have clean water, either.  

So what exactly is the point?

You can't drink real estate, people.

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