Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Boil Water Advisory Lifted

Day thirteen in Third World Corpus and we are finally flushing the pipes because, just this afternoon, the TCEQ gave the City permission to lift the boil water advisory as disinfectant levels have stabilized in our water supply.

Since no bacteria was ever found, several Council members and City officials have been saying that this was all the TCEQ's fault and we should never have been under a boil and only the Mayor should be able to call one, etc.

Dangerous nonsense.

Just because there was not bacteria does not mean there could not have been in the absence of enough chlorine to keep it out.  While the water was doubtless safe for the average person, not everyone living in my house has an average immune system and there are numerous people across the city who are immunocompromised or just, you know, infants.  It is not okay to have people drinking water from a system so completely vulnerable.

Real estate agents and title company owners and the city management that has supervised the continued degradation of our infrastructure are clearly not public health experts and it is clearly not safe for our water supply to rest solely in their profiteering hands. Council and City Management must take responsibility.  

It is not the TCEQ we will be voting out if these issues of neglect continue -  it is them.

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