Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer Reading Club

The Summer Reading Club started on June 8th at our library.  I was on the road that day, but as soon as I had a chance the next day, I made sure the Lone Star Baby got signed up.  Now she has turned in her first reading log and gotten her name on the wall and stuff and we continue on with summer reading and weekly library trips.  

The Lone Star Baby is far past the point of being interested in the craft times and story times and movie times that the library hosts as part of the summer reading club and, while she is a reader,  she has really never been motivated to read more by filling out reading logs and getting stars next to her name on the wall; this is mainly an annoyance to her.  However, while I stopped making her go to the programming a few years ago, I still make her sign up and fill out the logs and go to the library every week to turn them in and look for books.  This is because it is all part of the Lifetime Library Socialization Plan I have for the kids, which started out with Pajama Story-time when they were toddlers, moved into Summer Reading Club and sampling every kind of programming the library offers and eventually moves into "volunteering" (not all that voluntary when your mom insists) there as they get older.  I want the library to be a weekly part of the fabric of their existence, something that is so much a part of them that thy can't imagine not carrying it with them as they grow up, like brushing their teeth.  That's my goal. A person who has a relationship with libraries is a person who is a lifetime learner and who is connected to their community. It is just that important.

Is your child signed up for the Summer Reading Club at your local library yet?

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Andrea said... kids hate reading logs, too, and our library doesn't do much to make it fun or enticing (so many RULES), so we've never done it (even though the summer reading program was always something I participated in...something about having the bookmobile stop at the end of our block...and not having reading logs during school...and no intrusive rules, just read and write down what you read). Sigh. I've probably failed at raising library-goers.