Sunday, January 18, 2015

President Tries To Improve Family Leave

The President announced last week that he is directing federal agencies to offer up to six weeks of paid leave to employees after the birth or adoption of a child.  This is part of a larger federal effort to improve family leave for American families.  The President is calling on Congress to pass a bill guaranteeing seven days per year of paid sick leave for American workers and is trying to set up a fund to help the states start their own paid parental leave programs. 

Yay, President.

Unfortunately, the Republican Congress hates mothers and children so they are not likely to go for any of this and the Texas governor also hates mothers and children and would probably not cooperate with the creation of a state program for paid leave even if the feds kicked in, so, um...I don't know how much good the plan is going to do us.

We mothers and others really need to be voting for folks who would support such policies, though, and who will take our current family leave policies out of the dark ages.  It would be so nice to have humane policies the way other developed nations do.

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