Saturday, November 08, 2014

Saving The World Like MTV

More good news!

Being part of the original MTV generation, when it was about music videos and weird disk jockeys and stuff, I have never gotten into its current programming, which seems rude and weird and voyeuristic to me. The Girl, however, has explained to me that MTV is actually saving the world on the down-low with its shows like Girl Code and Guy Code. Apparently these shows are the height of offensive for the most part, exposing all that is bad and horrible about our ignorant, consumer-driven, narcissistic American culture, but .... in between all of that, MTV sneaks in the truly useful sex education that schools and parents ignore, so that our silly youth can survive long enough to grow up and learn some hopefully better ways.

The Girl is a public health freak who worships the CDC so she thinks about this sort of thing.

She has also started writing for a very popular website that is also pretty rude and targets the young adult demographic, maybe a bit older than the MTV watchers but, as yet, no wiser.  They recently published her first piece on sex education which has been their #1 viral article for days now, with way, way more than  million views.

That's my Girl...saving the world.  I am so proud of her.

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