Friday, September 19, 2014


Lone Star Pa and I watched the Texas gubernatorial debate that took place in Edinburg this evening on television (word is that our eldest offspring watched it in person, and even had breakfast with Wendy!).  We thought Wendy seemed awfully nervous and scripted at first, not a great thing when Abbott had a very comfortable vibe going on, but that soon changed.  Definitely Wendy had better answers for Texas.  

There were things I did not like about either of them - the death penalty, border surge, drug tests for SNAP recipients - it bothers me that we can't seem to get any candidates that will drop that sort of rhetoric.  Wendy, however, had a better vision for Texas in every way in which the two candidates differed.

Wendy Davis will fight for Texas working families to have decent wages, she will fight for education funding and voting rights and access to health care for women.  The choice is clear.

Team Wendy for Texas! 

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