Friday, September 26, 2014

Feeling Better

About two and a half weeks ago, a health scare with the Girl at college got me very worried.  In addition to being scary in itself, it made clear the weaknesses in the system we had tried to put in place for dealing with her health care needs while she is away at college and made clear that the system is going to need a couple of more strong pieces - like a good (different) GP here in Corpus and a good (different) GP in the Valley - to cover the gaps (please let me know if you know anyone).  I traveled last night to pick her up and bring her back here to see a specialist, thinking that it might lead to more tests, etc., but, given the nature of the issue, not entirely sure that any kind of resolution could sensibly be found at this point.

I am so relieved.  

When I picked her up, she told me about the resolution of the scary symptom that she had noticed that day and it was confirmed by the doctor and she is okay (still a bit sick with an unrelated bug, but okay!!!)!  I cannot even tell you how relieved I am.  I feel like I need to sleep for a couple of days to reset my stupid adrenaline but I am so relieved.

So, so grateful.

Thanks to everyone who put up with me while I was a big, exposed nerve (not like it was the first time, but thanks).

I hope everyone has as happy day as I am having. Blessings.

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