Saturday, February 23, 2013

World Thinking Day

Yesterday was World Thinking Day!  The Girl Scouts of our fair city celebrated in a school auditorium with tables set up with displays from other countries.  My troops had Morocco, which is in the middle of the process of becoming a member of WAGGGS' Arab Region.

My Ambassadors had made the display board and, with their moms,  many lemon coconut cakes and some tea.  My Daisy and Brownies and their wonderful moms made 300 little colorful rug SWAPS out of yarn.  I cut up some temporary henna tattoos to pass out as well.

Last night, the moms and I stood at our Morocco table, teaching troops about Morocco as they came by, stamping their passports and passing out tattoos, SWAPS and snacks. The Ambassadors and the Brownies made the tour of all the countries, learning about them and collecting SWAPS and snacks.  

The girls did great and the moms were so helpful - I have great troops!

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Jenna Carodiskey-Wiebe said...

Sounds fun... and delicious!