Monday, February 04, 2013

Texas School Finance System Ruled Unconstitutional!!!

“There is no free lunch. We either want increased standards and are willing to pay the price, or we don't.”  - Judge Dietz

Word, Judge Dietz!  

Today, after hundreds of hours in Court, State District Judge  John Dietz ruled Texas' "system" of funding public education to be unconstitutional.  The Texas Constitution states that the state must provide adequate funding for the "general diffusion of knowledge" and Judge Dietz ruled that this is not happening.  

WORD, Judge Dietz!

He also ruled that the way Texas funds education is a de facto property tax which is not allowed in the Texas Constitution - pretty interesting.

A written ruling will follow soon but this messy underpinnings-of-democracy business will doubtless make its way to the Texas Supreme Court, which I think may see things through more Republican-colored (read:  public education is ungodly and it is dangerous to teach the masses to think, anyways) glasses. 

I'll keep hoping and agitating for proper education funding, though, and you should, too, Mamas.

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