Sunday, October 22, 2017

Staying afloat in the descent of a nation....

Times are tough.

Our family has been struggling to find some new balance in the past couple of years due to the Lone Star Girl's health issues and meanwhile, of course, the other regular troubles that will come to every family in one form or another still come to us.  Like all families, we often have enough on our plates just keeping our own little ship afloat, along with its own particular set of challenges.

Putting that in the context of these times, though....

To be trying to support a disabled daughter with a serious chronic disease in a time when our "leaders" continually try to steal her health insurance and her civil rights is really difficult. 

And then there are white supremacists running around everywhere, emboldened by the president's behavior, the president who says some of them are very good people.  

Climate change brings us more intense storms (and a bad season for avocados!) and we try to pay medical bills while feeling guilty that we are not doing more for our neighboring communities that had their homes blown away, counting ourselves very lucky that we only lost some siding, a refrigerator of food, a window board and a few days' electricity and productivity.

The free press is under attack and the president and attorney general say more fascist things every single day and most people want to just pretend it isn't happening.

People who used to seem reasonable and nice remain unoffended when their friends spout blatantly racist and otherwise (sexist, homophobic, ableist) bigoted screeds but will call out people who try to speak out against those screeds, or who just try to work hard to fight fascism, or for health care or for civil rights.

I have no idea what is going on wth that equifax thing and my information.

New terrible mass disasters and tragedies happen every day until we cannot even keep up with them all, much less give each the meaningful attention they all deserve.

I work to be a good mother, a good worker, a good wife and friend and citizen.  I work to keep my family afloat and still think of others.  I am trying but these are tough times.

Sorry the blog is so irregularly maintained.

Lone Star Ma


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