Monday, September 25, 2017

Defeat The Graham Cassidy Health Care Bill

The Graham Cassidy Health Care Bill would allow states to remove protections for people with pre-existing conditions in a number of allowing them to be priced out of insurance or out of insurance renewal, by allowing states to decide that the health care they need to survive (prescription drugs, chemotherapy) does not have to be covered by health plans, and by allowing health plans to re-instate annual and lifetime caps on coverage.

The bill is opposed by every major medical organization in America, by every major disability rights organization and even by insurers and a bipartisan coalition of the nation's governors.

For people with life threatening illnesses and disabilities, this means death.  It is once again playing politics through genocide.  It must be stopped.

The bill's sponsors are trying to make it more appealing to swing vote Senators by stuffing it with extra funding for their states but that does not help the people with pre-existing conditions at all.

Please call your Senators today, Mamas, and demand that they vote no.

Please call Senators Murkowski, McCain and Collins today and ask them to please vote no.  

Please email the Senate Finance Committee at before 1pm today and tell them you oppose the bill.  Please call the Senate Finance Committee at 202-224-4515 before 1pm today and express your opposition to the bill.


Thank you.

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