Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Action Alert: Down With SB6!

The Senate Committee on State Affairs is hearing testimony on SB 6, the odious Texas "bathroom bill" today.  Many thanks to those who have traveled to Austin to testify on behalf of trans Texans and intersex Texans and general kindness and decency in Texas.

There has not been one incident of a trans woman ever attacking a cisgender woman or girl in a bathroom ever, but trans women are frequently beaten and murdered and the men's room is no safe or appropriate place for them.  Let Texans pee where they need to pee.

If, like me, you cannot make it to Austin to testify, call your state senator today to protect our trans and intersex brothers and sisters.  This bill is especially rough on public school children who so need our support and loving acceptance in a world that is often so bigoted.

Call, Mamas.

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