Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Action Alert: Give Congressman Farenthold A Call

Oh, Blake.

So tonight I watched my Congressman defend Donald Trump in a television interview.  He minimized the importance of Trump saying he could grab women's genitals and reiterated Trump's sick assertion that such is just "locker room banter".  When pressed as to whether Trump would lose Farenthold's support if he said he liked rape, Farenthold again said it would depend and it was just talk.

(Congressman, that sort of acceptance and defense of rape culture does not represent the women in your district at all well, as you are going to notice.)

Give Blake a call this week, Mamas, and send him an email, too - let him know what you think of his defense of Trump's rape-y talk.  The phone number for his Corpus Christi Office is (361) 884-2222 and his DC Office is (202) 225-7742.  You have to go through the form on his website to email him.

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