Thursday, July 14, 2016

Denial Is Not Peace & Unity

I tried to go to the Service of Peace and Unity in Corpus because I am so, so for peace and unity but when the #AllLivesMatter talk started, I had to leave.  There can be no peace without justice.  There can be no justice without truth.

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Hystery said...

I think I too would have to leave. Lately I've had no patience at all, or rather, I save my patience for teaching. I am tired of hearing the phrase "All Lives Matter". Of course, all lives matter! Who said they didn't? Why should "Black Lives Matter" be understood as a statement that other lives do not? And yet folks pipe up with "All lives matter" like selfish toddlers who crave attention forcing others to placate them. "Yes, yes. We see you, precious. Your life matters too. We're so sorry that we turned attention from you to talk about racism and injustice." Those who are used to being the center of every story, of having the privileged central position of history and politics and culture and wealth are not used to the idea that sometimes it isn't about them or that sometimes, when the limelight is not upon them, it is the Universe calling them to stay still, settle down, and listen.