Sunday, June 12, 2016

Texas Mamas: Monday Is For Calling on Dan Patrick To Resign

Today we all woke to the horrible news of the Orlando mass shooting and the tragic loss of life.  As we pray for those left behind, we must also act to keep assault rifles out of the hands of dangerous terrorists and we must act to create a culture that does not seethe with the dangerous bigotry that infects the people who commit such atrocities.

We must also get Dan Patrick out of office in Texas.  His perversion of the Galatians verse about man reaping what he sows by tweeting it in response to this act of terror shows clearly that:

1.) He should not be allowed to call himself a Christian since he has no desire to follow the teachings of Christ and publicly perverts them, and

2.)  He cannot lead our state as Lt. Governor due to his overwhelming bigotry towards our LBGTQ brothers and sisters, many of whom are Texas citizens after all.

Bright and early Monday morning, all of us Texans need to call his office and call upon him to resign due to his bigoted tweet.  Tell him he has proved himself unworthy to be our leader and that we need someone else.  Tell his staff you would like to receive a reply to your message and leave contact information to make sure you get one.  When you do, come back and tell us about it in the comments.  Start calling at 8am and keep trying until you get through.  Flood the lines.  All day long.

The Comment Line is (512) 463-5342 and the Office Line is (512) 463-0001.  Call both.  Email him, too, starting at 8am tomorrow:

Please share this far and wide across Texas so we can all call in a coordinated response to his unacceptable behavior. Thank you, Mamas. 

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