Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunshine Days!!!!!

While no mama likes to lose an hour of sleep, there is always coffee and now we get SUNSHINE BACK!!!!!!  I really, really, really like the Spring and Summer when we get to have sunshine in the evenings!  I get happy!  I can go for walks after work!  I can drive home in the light!  It is woooonnnndddeeeeerrrfulllll!

Often, I hear people bemoaning the ridiculousness of Daylight Savings Time and saying we should just get rid of it, but I just looked it up and it is now, the sunshine-y days, that are Daylight Savings Time.  The dark, depressing days are not.  So,  We can never get rid of Daylight Savings Time.  Never.

Now that other time - standard time or whatever you call it, when it gets dark at 6pm....feel free to get rid of that mess.  I will happily embrace Daylight Savings Time all year long.  I am quite certain it would make me a happier, healthier person.  You must never take it away, though.  Never.

Sunshine forever!!!!!

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