Sunday, September 13, 2015

Water or Bust: Basic Services Are A Must

On Friday night, one of my Girl Scouts asked for a drink of water.  I nodded my head to the paper cups I keep for their use since, as they grow, we are more and more into them being able to do things for themselves, and I told her she knew where the cups were, to let her know to go ahead.  As she turned the faucet on, another girl said "what about the water thing?" and I told her our neighborhood was not included in the advisory, and we continued on with our whole courage, confidence and character thing that we do.

I thought about it later, though.  

I have not been greatly inconvenienced by this boil water advisory since my neighborhood is not part of it but I was greatly inconvenienced by the summer one  that only lasted a couple of days.  

This one has been going on for over a week now.

The people who live in the affected neighborhoods and the businesses in them must be struggling a great deal.  I feel guilty for getting so busy that I have not been making an adequate fuss about it.  This is ridiculous. We need to get completely rid of the real estate cabal that is "governing" our city and replace them with folks who will make sure our citizens have basic services.  

Every single permit for the construction of new neighborhoods and business zones needs to be denied until the city is ensuring proper services to the neighborhoods that already exist.  Water first.  Proper sewage and storm water systems.  Safely maintained streets.  Public safety.  Parks and recreational opportunities as well.  Arts, culture.  If the Council cannot afford to take care of "Old Corpus", they should not be allowed to profit from "New Corpus". 

People need to hold them accountable at the polls.  I know I will.

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