Saturday, April 18, 2015

Action Alert: Stop Texas From Forcing Fracking Down Our Throats

Back in November, the city of Denton, Texas decided to pass a ban on fracking within the city.  The citizens were unhappy with the environmental effects of fracking in their community and decided, by majority vote, that they did not want to allow it in their city limits.  

Enter the oil and gas lobbies.

Republicans have traditionally spouted a litany of the importance of local control when trying to evade federal and state regulations of which they do not approve, but all of a sudden, the shoe is on the other foot.  The Republicans' cronies in the oil and gas lobbies are not so into local control on this one, so the Republicans aren't either because, you know, they need to get paid.

The Texas House has passed HB 40 which would prohibit cities from being able to pass/force fracking bills like the one Denton passed.  If the Senate version also passes, the State can just tell cities that it is too bad if they don't like it; companies are going to frack next to their school playgrounds and backyards anyway.

Please call your state senator first thing Monday morning, Mamas, and tell them to vote NO on S.B. 1165 and let cities decide for themselves whether they want to allow fracking in their communities.

Chuy, I'm going to be calling you....

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