Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Eyes of Pearson Are Upon You

My fifth grader is taking a STAAR test today.  She does not have any social media accounts yet, but if she did I would be livid-pissed about the fact that Pearson, the world's largest "education" company (read: corporate testing giant) is "monitoring" social media for mention of their tests these days...not just during testing, mind you, but even in the days that follow.  I take that back - I don''t think I could be more pissed than I already am.  Pearson has said that they are obligated to alert authorities if there is any breach in testing security.

I do not believe I have authorized Pearson to spy on my child.  Have you authorized Pearson to spy on your child?  It is very hard for me to allow my child to participate int his madness as it is and things like this push me just about to the edge.

I want the Lege to forbid this in Texas. What are we going to do about it, Mamas?

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Andrea said...

Ugh, yuck! So much stupid testing, so much stupid corporate spying. Very tired of it all. Sigh.