Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers' Day!!!

The daily responsibilities of motherhood can often make it really hard to attend to the wider responsibilities of it - those of making the world a place that is safe and just for all children.  Today, for instance, I will be helping the Lone Star Baby finish her science project and practice its presentation and getting the bills finished, rather than fomenting revolution as I probably should be.  And we all get pretty tired with all the working and the nurturing and could certainly use some nice toast in bed at least once a year.

I remind myself, however, of the need to remember what this day is really about and how those revolutionary responsibilities are just as important as the day to day sheltering and nurturing that we do.  We must try, Mamas.  No one else will do it for our children and our sisters - only us.  We will, as I have had lately, have seasons where the day to day takes pretty much all we can do.  There will be other seasons as well, though, and small stolen minutes in all seasons for the clicking of keys and the walking of blocks and the researching and drafting of laws, the marching....our motherly responsibilities all.

Let us remind each other.


Andrea said...

Yes! To toast in bed and to fomenting revolution!! Happy Mama's Day!

Jenna Carodiskey-Wiebe said...

I think the day to day of parenting can be revolutionary, depending on how we do it. If we raise intelligent children, if we place charitable giving over all the fancy new toys, if we cook or even grow our own food, even just hanging our laundry to dry.... I'm not a marcher, but day by day I try to undermine the debt driven complex that is our society.