Wednesday, February 12, 2014


This picture is Lone Star Pa and me in my mother's kitchen about 15 months before we got married.  Today it is 19 years since we got married...and we are still married!  Happy Anniversary to us!  In the car this morning on the way to school, the Lone Star Girl and I had a conversation that basically sums up my feelings about marriage:

LSG:  19 years!
Me:  We are old.
LSG:  You are successful!  Hardly anyone stays married that long!  
(I do think she has a somewhat skewed view of this - many people stay married.)
Me:  We work hard at it.
LSG:  Yeah, but I think that's what most people don't realize - that you have to work, that you don't just stop when it is not easy.
Me:  I think commitment is good for the soul.


Maggie May said...

You guys are adorable. Congratulations@!!

Jasmine Bee said...

Hi, this was a nice conversation to read first thing this morning, inspiring - thanks for sharing x

Charles Kuffner said...

Love the 70s throwback hair and tie-dye. Congrats and happy anniversary!

Andrea said...

Wonderful! Congratulations. What a smart, perceptive girl you have there, too. It is a lot of work.

Lone Star Ma said...

Charles, that was totally late 1993. We are always like that(: