Sunday, January 19, 2014

Do Something

My daughters and I have tomorrow off - my husband's students do, but he has a staff development day.  In the store yesterday, the Lone Star Baby expressed some concern:

LSB:  We have Monday off because of the March, right?  (She is referring to the local March honoring Dr. King's memory.)

Me:  (hedging on the fact that her school is calling it a "weather day") Yes.

LSB:  But some people don't go to the March!  Why should they have it off?

Me:  Well, the March is not the only way to honor Dr. King.  There are lots of things people can do - it is a Day of Service and people do all kinds of different service we are doing our toiletries drive and the March.  Other people do other things.

LSB:  But some people don't do anything.

Me:  Well, yes.

LSB:  Everyone should do something.

There you have it, people - from the mouths of babes:  do something.

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