Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mothers Against Las Brisas Demonstrations Sundays at 8pm

Do you want a coal-burning petroleum coke plant that will create, by itself, over 70% more pollution than all of the existing refineries in our city put together?

Do you want a coal-burning petroleum coke plant that refuses to use available gasification technology to reduce pollution and protect the health of our children because it will cost them too much?

If the kind of jobs and companies that will make our children sick are not the kind you want for Corpus Christi, then say no to Las Brisas! A better future is possible!

Join the peaceful weekly protests against Las Brisas to be held every Sunday evening at 8pm on the public sidewalk by SPID in front of restaurant row – bring signs and allies.

We are mothers and we are charged with keeping our children safe. We’ll speak out to our city council members and state and federal representatives and stand vigil until they take action to keep our city safe for our children.

Let’s get to work!

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