Monday, October 24, 2016

Early Voting Starts Today!

Early voting starts today in Texas, Mamas!

Do you have a plan for getting out to vote?

Remember that there are lots and lots of important races and propositions on the ballot - not just the presidential race.  Be sure to get a sample ballot for your precinct (I got mine from my county's website - you can find your precinct number on your voter registration card) so you can see what is on it and research all the candidates and propositions before you cast your vote. These smaller races and propositions shape our communities and our schools and should not be ignored.

My plan is to do a little more research, including picking up a League of Women Voters guide,  and vote on Thursday when I will have time to take a "lunch" break in the town where I live between meetings for work and vote instead of lunching.  I have a really busy week, but I know this is important so I will fit it in.

I will be remembering the suffragettes who suffered abuse and beatings ad imprisonment so I would have the right to vote.  I will not waste the opportunity they gave me.

What is your plan?  What day will you be voting? 

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