Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Girl's Reputation

Much to the Lone Star Girl's dismay, she has had a summer reading assignment on Anthem by (shiver) Ayn Rand.  She insisted on covering the book with a book cover whenever she was reading it in public as she did not want anyone to think she was reading such a book.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Girl Home

Drove South to pick up the Lone Star Girl from camp today and bring her home.  It is so wonderful to see her thriving self.  We stopped in her favorite "trucker convenience store" in Riviera on the way back and we stopped on the side of the road so she could pick up stray bits of cotton and put one foot in Kingsville.  She and I share a joy in small adventures that is such a pleasure and a comfort to me.  

However did I get so lucky as to be the mother of this wonderful young woman?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Seneca Falls Convention

Happy Anniversary of the Seneca Falls Convention, my sisters!  On July 19th and 20th in 1848, we started a new chapter in our long work.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Girl, Thriving

I am so deeply, shiningly proud of the Lone Star Girl.  She grows and grows into the most amazing person.  It is a precious  privilege to have her in my life.

I have missed her this week.  She has been down in the valley, in her first year as a counselor at the  Girl Scout camp.  She spent the week taking care of the youngest Brownies at resident camp and she loved it.  The first session ended Friday afternoon and she reported for duty for the second session Saturday night, so she stayed on at camp between.  We drove up yesterday morning to spend the day with her.  She was gorgeous and glowing and happy as camp always seems to make the girls.  Even more so now that she is a counselor.  She was full of stories and I could tell how wonderful she had been with the little girls.  I am so proud.  What a wonder my life has been that I could raise this amazing young woman.

We took her to brunch and then to the University of Texas at Brownsville.   UTB is one of the colleges she is interested in so I had called them and scheduled a tour.  We got there early and got to walk around some of the gorgeous grounds on our own before waiting for the tour.  Then our guide showed us all over the campus in a golf cart.  It is a lovely campus and the Lone Star Girl adored it.  She is considering a number of universities but I know that the "feel" of Brownsville is a huge draw for her.  She was super-excited to see a huge brick sculpture of a strand of DNA, the tree of life, in front of the biology and life science building. 

She can hear the future pounding in her blood and it thrills her - I'm so happy for her at these moments.

We drove around Brownsville for awhile and had dinner and then took her back to camp.  

It was such a wonderful day.  I am so full of gratitude.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Call For Submissions - Lone Star Ma #10

Call For Submissions - Lone Star Ma #10
Please see the general submission information below for guidelines and please consider submitting to our various departments.  Issue #10 of Lone Star Ma:  The Magazine of Progressive Texas Parenting and Children's Issues is our very first issue in an online format (which we've been driven to like a fracker to solar power by the unaffordable cost of printing and mailing - oh, wait - frackers don't care about unaffordable costs - never mind.)

For this issue, we are looking for feature articles on Texas education funding, Texas education funding and did I mention Texas education funding?  We are also looking for articles on the effects of lax enforcement of environmental standards on children in Texas.  We are also looking for articles on social services funding in Texas.  We might be looking for articles on the Texas State Board of Education.  We do accept articles on other themes as well if they strike our fancy, so send whatever you think we should consider and we will ponder it.  Things are bad for the women and children of Texas these days, folks.  We need to spread the word and save our kids' futures from the likes of those who only care about the wealthy and the powerful.  Not on our backs.  Not on our children's backs.  Not now.  Not ever.  We will stop them.

Lone Star Ma wants poetry.  Lone Star Ma wants mama fiction.  Lone Star Ma wants brilliant articles. What have you got? 

The deadline for submission is August 5.  I know it is some short notice, but I will be forty at the end of September and I think I might survive that if it came with Lone Star Ma #10.  We shall see.

Raise your voices. 

xo, Lone Star Ma


Lone Star Ma is a reader-written magazine covering topics of progressive Texas parenting and children's issues.  I totally cannot pay you for your submissions, but if I like 'em, I'll print 'em.  We need to get our voices out there.  To submit an article or poem to Lone Star Ma, please send it in the body of an e-mail to submissions(at)lonestarma(dot)com.  E-mails with attachments will not be opened.

Please include working contact info., including a mailing address, phone number and e-mail address, if possible.  I may print a submitted article in a later issue than you had in mind, so if you don't want it printed after a certain date, please say so.  Please include with your submission a bio-line, such as "Radical Rae is the mother of 4-year-old Joey and works as a social worker in Houston."  Thanks.

In addition to features, mamafiction and poetry, Lone Star Ma accepts submissions for the following regular departments:


We Love them!! Please write!!!  Attn:  Letters.

Longhorn Lactation

If you have lactation news, information or action alerts, please submit them, attn:  Longhorn Lactation.

Vegetarian Vittles

is your place for recipes and resources for vegetarian families. If you have vegetarian recipes, news, alerts or stories to share with fellow parents, please submit them, attn:  Vegetarian Vittles.  (Recipes with nuts ain't welcome in these parts.)  Please send recipes attn:  Vegetarian Vittles.

Yellow Rose Reviews

Is where you review exceptional children's toys, books, magazines, music and educational products that you might not hear about in more mainstream venues.  Please send reviews attn: Yellow Rose Reviews.

Educatin' The Young 'Uns

If you have education news, information or action alerts, please submit them, attn:  Educatin' The Young 'Uns.

Lone Star Ma Magazine Is Online!!!

The new website for the new online version of Lone Star Ma :  The Magazine for Progressive Texas Parenting And Children's Issues is online!  Check it out here!  Please read through our pages and consider submitting content if you want to!