Tuesday, June 09, 2015


The behavior of Officer Casebolt in McKinney, Texas on Friday was not only completely inappropriate, it was illegal.  He assaulted a child who was sitting on the ground saying she needed to speak to her mother, and threatened other children with a gun when they expressed alarm at his assault, although they were unarmed and had not touched him.  He should be fired and arrested and the racist neighbors who called police should be ashamed of themselves.

Do you know what you do when you are an adult if kids are getting too noisy and out of hand?  You go tell them to settle down and behave.  

Maybe you call their parents if you do not have enough adult presence to handle the matter yourself.  

You do not call people with guns to come and assault them.

Thank heavens for the teenagers at this party,who did not share the racism of the adults and who tried, African Americans and whites together, to help and protect and look out for each other. I pray that is a sign of hope for the future, since the present is so, so, so frightening and bleak.

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