Sunday, November 30, 2014

Texas Safety Rest Areas: Brooks County

We stopped so I could take a restroom break at the Brooks County SRA today on our way home.  The rest stop was beautiful and wonderful and clean, as most rest stops I have noticed in Texas over the last few years have been.  I certainly remember back when Texas rest stops were pretty unpleasant but they have steeply improved in recent years.  The Texas Department of Transportation has been updating them and taking better care of them.  There are 80 of them and they are open 24 hours a day, with most having an attendant on duty around the clock and the ones that do not having an attendant on duty from 6am to 6pm. They are so nice - I would like to visit all of them (but in the daytime)!

Only one women's restroom was open at this big rest stop as the others were being cleaned and so there was a really long line.  After awhile, the word went down the line that there was no more toilet paper.  A woman in line called to her husband to go get us some and he brought her a roll and she shared it out with everyone in line.  It was so nice.  I love people in lines together.

I wish I could find someone to write a Texas Rest Stop Adventures column for Lone Star Ma.

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