Sunday, July 13, 2014

Walking for Wendy

Lone Star Pa and the Lone Star Baby and I spent three hours block-walking for Wendy Davis  in Corpus Christi neighborhoods this evening.  We are going to do lots more.

Wendy stood for twelve hours for Texas women during her filibuster and I challenge every Texas woman who reads this to contribute at least twelve hours to her campaign.  You don't win if you don't try.  There is no one else to do it  - only us.

If you are a Texan, how are you going to stand for Wendy?  Please tell me in the comments.

Here are some links to get you started:

Get on it, Mamas!


Andrea said...

Good for you and good luck to Wendy! You deserve a change in governor (when I heard recently that you've had Rick Perry since 2000 with NO term limits--is that true?--I felt very fortunate that we've only been stuck with our very very bad governor for 4 years, and even if, god forbid, he wins this election, he can't run again).

Lone Star Ma said...

It is true, I am afraid. So, so true and long and...well. Now we need Wendy!