Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mama Reminder: Email The Chemical Safety Board

Hello, Mamas!  Have you sent your email to the Chemical Safety Board at public@cbs.gov, asking them to investigate the Corpus water disaster yet?  Here is the one I sent:

Dear Chemical Safety Board-

I live in Corpus Christi. Texas and on the night of December 14th, we were informed (sort of) in our City that there was an unknown contaminant in our water and it should not be used for anything, even if boiled, not even bathing. As time went on, we were told the chemical came from an asphalt company, Ergon, that was operating as a lessee of Valero Refining. The chemical seemed to be Indulin AA-86, along with some hydrochloric acid.

We did not have water for four days and there was a lot of talk about proprietary ingredients and non-disclosure agreements.  The City says the water is now safe and that they and the AG's office are investigating the disaster.  I am not entirely sure they are qualified to do that alone.

Please open an investigation into the causes and effects of the water disaster we experienced.  We need to be sure that our children are safe.

Thank you.


Mariah Boone

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